truly what i think...^^

I am probably one of millions blogger out there, who struck by a malas-update-blog syndrome.okay, i'm not lazy, actually i have so much things to tell the world. it's not that the laziness makes me away from the blog. to look back, it's the fear of being judge by reader(s) makes me reluctant to start typing.

once, one of my fren said, not specific to me but generally to all bloggers."tak payah la kot nak cte ko mkn ape, pegi mane, letak gambar ko bnyak2 dlm blog tu"and i was like, dang!!... and baekla. ikut ckp die.

stupid ain't it?
but for whatever reasons, i've made my mind. either turning this blog into private one, or just write out anything here, and put the fear, and vulnerable part of me aside...huhu. biar la ape org nak cakap...people complaint much...muahaha...like i don't.

what i say? i choose the last option. :)
so,i may post anything,bout my daily life perhaps.what i eat or drinks and stuff.it's not like u all care, but it's my blog anyway XD.

phew. at last...finish!!

p/s: tengah buat esemen pn smpat update blog...heheh


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