expect the worst..

sometimes in our life, we decide to expect the worst.
sometimes we have no choice but to have a bad thoughts.

for me myself, when the worst thing that worried me much did happened, and came like a combo meals with all the bad thought that i previously had in mind,Gosh! for god sake it didn't make me feel any better!

expecting the worst,is just a superficial feeling, cause deeply inside, i know well how high my hopes n assumptions are. I want this particular things to be the best.Please oh bad thought thinking .pleasee.. just stay as thought, do not ever approach me in real life.

Now that i'm traumatize to know being in a worst situation in life is just another option.
gosh, how i realize expecting something worst to happen really does not work, perhaps for me.
It might help heighten the joy when something good happen,but it does not act like a cushion to comfort me when falling from high.

like seriously, mentally prepared for the worst outcome is not helping!

so what's next??

Allah, please guide me, please guide us.
Gave mercy for me, gave mercy for us.
strengthen my Iman, and those surround me.
soften their hearts and heart of me.

Forgive me for the bad thought i've,
clear my mind from any impurities

Please help me ALLAH, for i'm  very weak.
for i'm still afraid of what others people would think of me


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