mind you...there is NO shortcuts!!

"If you are too focused on the result and try to develop shortcuts, you are going to have to pay it back later somehow"

Rasa macam ayat ni  mmg dituju khas untuk syazwan adi…haha...Membayangkan dasyatnya consequences which i'll have to face in the future gara-gara gaya hidup sebagai student yang sambil lewa is exactly macam thunder strucking on my head..huhu...not less….Fuh bikin berderau je darah satu badan ni….hmmmm

Then,…dua tiga kali jugak aku ulang study(kononye la)…buat revision(revision ke???)…tp dalam inbox kotak minda aku ni,ayat tu automatik ter-translate dalam bahasa Msia "Kalau kau sibuk sangat pasal end result final exam nt, dan sambil lewa dalam belajar b.i ni, terima la padahnya nanti, bila kau menjadi seorang cekgu nanti...ape pun x dapat!"…for real i heard me saying that to myself .

even mr lim who is our lds lecturer, said that,..to be at the highest level/expert in linguistics, we actually need to start from below going step by step upwards, we don't easily jump….even he agreed that, there are NO shortcuts! I repeat..NO shortcuts!!...he's such an expertise by almost 30 years teaching experience, thus he sure knew better.He is an expert in linguistics… “no child left behind!”..his famous quotes…haha…it really inspired me though..^^

Dush2!!!...hit myself with broom stick..haha....where am i rite now? am i the one who is climbing the stairs step by step or the other who just thinking of an easy way to escape?

Instantly, i thought that i had no choice right now, but to take every single things, even the most tiny lil thing in this teaching field as a severely serious things…though, i'm out of time right now, but,still hoping that i'll be a better student 
learner mastery all the the subjects and later on become a reliable teacher..(and to be a nice an sweet teacher also )..haha…angan2 je lebih.. :P


is it???....lawak2..


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