silly things happen sometimes....^^

and it happen for some reasons. ( i've always have great faith on that) 
As for today, i bet some alterations in behaviour are needed.
and surprise surprise ! guess what.. it really surprised me... :)

Really we learn as we age.
During my  late childhood life, i know pretty well that some changes in life are necessary for survival,
but then i never had come to a phase that i really willing to. Everything is kinda stable (or at least they look like one)...and for evrything i had missed, i  had gained something else n for what i had gained..i had lost someting else..is it fair??..hmm..but it is about how i outlook on it weather want to regret it..or rejoice it..but i must change..its for better...^^

but hey, why not la kn 

erm,now i just need some times to make it happen.
Hopefully i can come out with lemonade out of a lemon :)))))..hehe 

(this is also a reminder to me to appreciate those who accept me as me more than before!)

i missed that day so much....huhu

i really3 appreciate it...^^,,^^


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