Improving or not so?

Woot! Time flies real fast! Hari ni dah masuk 3 Ramadhan which means almost sebulan da aku masuk sem 3 kt maktab ne...hehe.kalau kat sini.., i might be the happiest person in the world, sbb sem 3 is FINAL exam! See how BIG final exam means to me!...hope so la...haha(homaigosh, azmie, jabar, hamdan, shidi, and all k13's..!! lets keep moving. Hoyeah!) 

tak sabar nk tunggu the moment when i can finally make my own posting entry. Entry posting day mcm wajib je ade dlm blog/album pun mmg wajib ade kn kat Facebook?..tu pun kalau laa ak x kena posting kt kawasan pedalaman..haha...kalau posting kt sana..x berupdate la blog ak ne...xD

Anyway,a month had past..honestly i have to admit that im not improving that much..which is Sad!Still living my life recklessly,still having 7hours of sleeps, even reach 10hours,gosh! i never had a rude awakening to an alarm after a long time.still living a kinda peace life untill i-know-when. yup when the exam is just 4-3 days to go!aa benci. i hate living my life in such way!

After a month ,still i haven't had a real staying up revising all the lectures and the piles of notes were abandoned. i fail in managing my time. i fail to focus on the things that i shud do,worst i spending the time on non-beneficial sort of things (sleep for instants)...hoho

sometimes, i'm doubting myself. i claim myself as a teacher-to-be.., but fail to discipline as one. I claim that teaching life is busy n time consuming but still, i'm waisting every seconds of my life. i claim lectures are too much to be remembered, but i didn't gave an efforts to understand it..

Terukkan? haish teruk betul!  mama would be disappointed if she discovers the way i lead my life. :( ( fear not, cause she 's not reading my blog, tapi still...)

Well, my mind had identified a goal n directions.. but still having a problem in carrying it out well. 

I need to improve! Everyone should! Today should be better than yesterday.Thus, i must force myself to take an action, why not.

P/s: ma friends... we all have our own misions n visions, don't we? ayuh berusaha!..caiyok!!

ni wktu kat pangkor dulu...^^


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