life lessons from a butterfly in the window..^^,

Di dalam kehidupan seharian, kita akan melalui pelbagai rintangan dan kesusahan. Oleh itu don't easily give up sebelum berusaha untuk mengatasinya. Usaha yang dilakukan itu perlulah dengan cara yang betul dan berterusan. 

today was so borim and i did'nt have anything to do...instead of facebooking (wajib!!)..hehe, dgr nasyid...then suddenly..

my eyes caught a sight of a butterfly trying desperately to escape through the window. It flew from left to right, up and down and then went back to the left again. Of course, it was making no progress at all despite all the efforts. The irony is, there was a large opening just a few inches to the right! The opening was darker than the window because it was covered with a blind that were tilted downwards to reduce the sunlight coming in.

this is not its picture k..hehe

A few hours later, I found it lying motionless on the floor. Only if it had ventured a little more to the "darker" side and stay away from the bright, shining window.
I could not help but thinking, "What if we were in the same situation as the butterfly?" All our lives, we may be trying hard to escape through the closed window when the opening was right there. Are all the glitters, shines and bright light good for us? Conversely, is there goodness in the seemingly dark side?

i kept thingking about it...but still could not find the answer...so sleep first r..hoho..maybe i'll dream about the answer yo!!..niteZ!!.....(-___-)..off..


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